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Don’t change a good recipe!

Developed back in 2009 the Kanopa soon became the most popular 16 strands climbing rope by French arborists and still widely used until today.

The X-Braid parallel core technology gives the Kanopa its long lasting flexibility and the rope is guaranteed without core-sheath slippage.

This year we introduce it in new and better visual colors to give this 12.1mm diameter rope enough leverage for another decade of professional tree climbing!

Certification: CE EN 1891 type A

• Core construction: X-Braid
• Diameter: 12.1mm
• Materials: Polyamide / Polyester

• Seath construction: 16-strand polyester
• Static resistance: 3100daN

• Resistance with eye splice: 2350daN
• Percentage of sheath mass: 67%
• Sheath slippage: 0%
• Elongation 50 / 150Kg: 2.4%
• Metric weight: 103gram
• Retraction: 2.8%
• Knottability K=1: 0.87

Courant kanopa 12.1mm 1 splice (60)

$480.00 Regular Price
$440.00Sale Price

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