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After huge international demand, Courant have developed a new bag based on the revolutionary Cross Pro design but in a larger size! It transforms into a material station and gives you an overall view on all your equipment in just a matter of seconds.
This version has a packing size of 75 Litres which gives users enough space to store the most extensive equipment kits (hardware, ropes & harness) and also comes with some new added and very functional pockets & compartments. Last but not least it’s made in the new Rescue red high visible colour combination for easy recognition around the work place.

  • Pack size: 75 L
  • High-resistance fabric 1680 D
  • Cross Belt (PPLSCRBE) included


  • Six modular mesh compartments at the sidesIdentification of pockets by logotype labels (included)
  • One pocket accessible from the exterior without opening the bag
  • One hard pocket to protect fragile items like glasses or mobiles
  • Many attachment points for karabiners
  • Two transverse straps for holding the rope or the climbing harness
  • One multi storage space made of crossed elastic bands
  • Two semi-transparent pockets for documents


  • Two folding pockets with elastic straps for a bottles or other items
  • Six attachment points for karabiners
  • Four high-resistance retainers (including two on the straps)
  • Very durable YKK zippers
  • One transparent pocket for identification or documents
  • One fastening kit for a helmet
  • Comfortable and adjustable back and straps


  • Two side handles (200 kg guaranteed)
  • Two central handles (200 kg guaranteed)
  • One back handle (200 kg guaranteed)
  • One helicopter hoisting and winching strap (300 kg guaranteed)
  • Two handles (up and down) to carry it for 2 persons
  • Comfortable and adjustable back and straps


  • Saves time
  • Maximum equipment protection
  • Less loss of precious materials
  • Comfortable and very durable
  • Bags from the Cross range (Cross Rope & Host) can be attached on the straps for ventral portability

Cross Pro XL


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