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Sterling RIT 9mm Eye to Eye 28". Enjoy the same strength while eliminating bulky knots and save time in the field with the STERLING RIT 9MM EYE TO EYE 28". This 9mm sewn cord guarantees consistent performance and equal durability even as it has a softer feel compared to the 8mm Eye to Eye. It is made of 24-strand polycore with high performing, heat resistant Aramid. These cords provide even and consistent performance for a wide variety of hitches.


eliminates bulky knots

use for even and consistent performance in the field

equally durable but softer feel than the 8mm Eye and Eye

24-strand polycore construction using high performing, heat-resistant Aramid material

Made in the U.S.A.

Specifications: Length: 28" MBS Rating (lbs): 5,418 (24.1 kN) Certifications: ANSI Z133

Rit 9mm eye to eye prusik

SKU: Rit28

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