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Introducing our latest product to make life easier in the tree. The Spikepod is

a replacement ratchet system for your climbing irons, spikes or spurs.



The straps fit onto most makes of climbing irons using a handmade leather strap (made in the UK) which is attached a ladder and ratchet - this system replaces your old buckles and allows you to make adjustments while the spikes are on your foot!

No messing around with tightening buckles, this system even allows for adjustments to be made once you are up the tree! 



Before heading out please take time to adjust your straps and tighten all the screws -

and for added security add a drop of loctite once your desired set up is found.

The system is fully customisable, but like all your kit it should be inspected before use. 

As from September 2023 the ratchet will be fixed with an anti-vibration screw -

these are now available from your stockists for a retro fit to sets bought beforehand.


Superior one hand in tree adjustment!

Spike Pod 2.0 (Ratcheting replacement lower spur straps)

SKU: spikepd
$155.00 Regular Price
$145.00Sale Price

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