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The Arbor Channel

Welcome to The Arbor Channel.

The Arbor Van has been busy with recent projects! Follow along on our very own Youtube and social media pages to see tree climbing, removals, gear updates, and chainsaw upgrades and tuning. Also showing gear reviews and new and exciting equipment entering the industry. We invite you to join in and get involved, follow along subscribe and share us with a mate!

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Our Goal For The Arbor Channel

By following along with us on our journey to sell the best equipment and create the best arborists out there. You'll find us doing some pretty unique and interesting things. You will find me  at competitions not just being there but competing. I will be offering insight into competitions and what gear you need, what you need to know and how to prepare and train. 

we will be sharing on the importance of proper gear, why having good quality is best and how to maximize the use of each piece of equipment. Often the gear you have can do so much more than you know it can and everything can always be done a bit easier. Thats what our videos will be trying to inform you of, best uses of equipment and the best practices. 

We are so excited to have you on board with us and would always love to hear your feed back, advice and ideas.

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