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Our new Sawpod is made from rubber sponge, a renewable raw material produced using sugar cane, seashells, natural rubber & non-edible plant oil, laminated in recycled polyester.


The unique leg strap makes your pruning saw more easily accessible - it is always within reach (unlike the harness position!)

It fits most makes of pruning saw, straight or curved, for both right and left handed users, for use in the tree or on the ground.


Check out where you can buy it on our stockists page and what people make of it below.


The Sawpod is sold globally and has changed the way people wear their pruning saws and has encouraged saw makers to put loops on their scabbards to fit!

The Sawpod is made in Cornwall here in the UK by the factory that we first worked with 15 years ago!

Saw Pod (handsaw leg mount)

SKU: swpd
$45.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price

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